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by Babybear

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released February 2, 2010



all rights reserved


Babybear Akron, Ohio

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Track Name: I Lost 2 Cigarettes (To The River)
Watching your window, waiting for change. Watching you watch me wait. You've got your questions, I've got my faith. And it's a game that only gets played, so lets play. And then it turns out this way. Part of your distraction is you need new satisfaction everyday. And then one day you'll say "He was the one". No way nobody will love like I do, you'll see it someday when I do what I do without you. And you can call me crazy but I know when to call it off, I know when to cal it love, and I know when to say you're wrong. But you've got so much left to prove. So there was nothing I could do. Cause I was always so enthused at the thought of growing old with you. When all the doubt it fades, I never took the keys back and you'll find that all the locks were never changed. So make today the day you walk right in and say.. It's the truth, I'm trying to tell you. And I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't do it all again. I'd be lying if I said that I was mad. Because the truth inside it all, is it's not love if you don't fall so hard you feel you can't get up again. And I can't get up again.
Track Name: Still Learning
I've been washing dishes and dirty laundry. And now you're laying this on my mind. Choose your words, choose them wisely, take your time. Please take your time, love. Now your mouth is open and your words they're spitting. It sounds like you've gargling fear, my dear. Your concerns, see they're honest but unneeded. Just believe me. I'd rather be in than out. So don't lay it down. I've seen the way you hesitate. Reluctant to keep the faith. The other side is all shades of green and you're wondering. How much worse can losing the best thing for the next thing be. You just might get to see. What can I do love. There is no room to improve love. When it's absolutely perfect. You'll just have to keep on learning.