Sees The Potential

by Babybear

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released December 21, 2012

Recorded at E and G Studios in Tallmadge, OH. Mixed and Mastered By: Gavin Murphy. Additional production and performance by Brendan Hayes and Mike DeCarlo.



all rights reserved


Babybear Akron, Ohio

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Track Name: Shot Of Rye
Look at you walking the line, smoking the pipe, giving a damn about our past. Guess it’s a wrap you threw in the hat. It didn’t fit you anyways. You came back it’s a habit you have. You make us laugh, knowing we’d give you one more chance. Look at us dance we’re dropping our pants, letting you stick in our backs. Find yourself a window, let’s pretend that you can fly. Bigger than an airplane, more shallow than a shot of rye. It breaks my heart but safe to say, I did my best and I walked away. Cause you can’t change or take the blame, for a life that’s bound to waste. And we all fuck up, and we all give in. We can all forgive, but we can’t forget. And I guess I love my friends just a little too much.
Track Name: My Goal
I don’t know but I need to know where you’ve been. Cause you know that I’ve got your back, we can get it. Let’s make a list of what helps you grow and if it doesn’t make you smile then off the list it goes. And everyone’s got the chance to get it started, just takes a little shove. And it’ll be my goal to walk you home through the love and hate of an average day. Cause I cannot go until I know for sure, you’re gonna be ok. As it all starts to unfold you will sees your potential. Life is chalk for the living, pop the top and we’ll draw new beginnings. Set it on fire, as the past it burns, it’ll brighten up a path to a life that you deserve. Now all we got left to do is get it started. Just takes a little shove, inspired with a little love. Now I’m not here to change you. I’m just a hinge upon the door. The wind that swings it open when you’re ready for a day that won’t betray you. Use you up and then it’s gone. So I’ll be ready whenever you got your shoes on.
Track Name: Mr. Upper Atmosphere
She’s full of hot air and she sings “I wanna see the world”. So I let her go, I can’t hold that string no more. As she’s ascending to the sky I see her smile. I gotta squint my eyes, it’s been a while. But I’ll keep the ground warm. I’ll keep the ground warm till you come back down. Hey Mr. Upper Atmosphere, you took my love away. The only chance that I have left is waiting on that rainy day. Now you go ahead tell her she’s gonna need some shelter someday. I promise you you’ll be back down.
Track Name: Water Me
I’m alive, I’m awake, for how long is up to you. I can grow into shapes you have never seen before. So will you water me before you go to sleep? Cause I don’t want to die due to your forgetful mind. Give me something and I’ll give you something back. Take a deep breath, here’s a clean breath, just relax. Cause I am green, I rhyme with glove (dove). And I will leave if you mistreat me.
Track Name: Ride
We’ve been searching for a perfect love, for the brightest spark, for the loudest laugh. But when we come together I set the compass down and suddenly I find that silence can be loud. So ride the wave, take me along. It was meant for both of us. Find a stage, sing me a song. I will sing along even when they’re gone. Open hearts meet open eyes. And they wish all day and dream all night. A wish will surely take you to where you want to be. But it’s the love that makes you never want to leave. And it’s such a good feeling, head to the ceiling. To wake up and find that I’m still dreaming.
Track Name: Ode To Doubt
We get scared when things aren’t working. We get scared when things are perfect. So we are never satisfied, until the love almost dies. But then we find ourselves remembering about a feeling worth defending. And all of a sudden there’s a light that turns on inside and the doubt it dies. So just let it die, there’s no greener side than with you by my side. Tv shows and coupons for food, sleeping in and trips to the zoo, and singing songs that we both love. And oh yes, singing songs about you. And all the while we hear them talking “she is way to young keep walking”. And how you’ll soon be twenty one, it’s all about the fun, you should just turn and run from love. Your head says too much. It’s your heart you should trust. Sometimes you gotta work for love. Sometime you gotta work for us. And this is more than just a thanks for tuning up these keys. It’s just another way for me to say you’re all I need. And when I see your pretty face I surely hope you will agree, that one day we’ll look back and say it wasn’t just a dream.